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June 24, 2021

QCObjects: The First World-Class Tech Framework made in South America is meant to make developers happier while they code

Hong Kong – “I’m so happy because developers like myself now can be happier while they are coding modern applications”. That was what Jean Machuca, the author of, today, the most advanced framework for modern software development, was saying to the audience of the RISEConf Hong Kong, the largest tech conference in Asia.

“QCObjects is an open source framework designed to make everything easier about implementing the MVC patterns into the pure JavaScript scope. In only two months of mouth-to-mouth promotion, the framework raised more than 10.000 downloads on NPM and is still growing. Companies around the whole world are trying QCObjects taking advantage of its MVC layered pattern and the one-step CLI tool, and being grateful of the small amount of size in terms of space of the resulting project, that is allowing them to save a lot of money in cloud hosting costs. “

Standing in his booth, he was been personally inviting people to play a little puzzle game made using his technology. And while the people were playing, he and his assistant (Katie) were both explaining how the new standards are changing the way of thinking that Deep-Tech oriented developers got to have. With QCObjects you can code fancy, clean and quick. ” I’m very proud of the thousands of developers that are trying new technologies everyday, and they found in QCObjects a value for producing their commercial frontend and backend applications based in JavaScript. Because, you know, there is a strong competition out there thinking of they can summarize the development work in just a few lines of code, but no one is thinking in the wellbeing of developers, who are certainly the core of the tech industry. They don’t want to write less code, they need to write a code that others can easily understand and help them to scale it up“, Jean said.

In 2003, Jean was a student of electronic engineering in the Ibero-American University of Science and Technology, in Santiago of Chile, when he was working in his first software invention, a remote robot controller. ” This experience was a game changer because I decided to not work making hardware anymore, but doing software instead was giving me a way to quickly help others to solve problems” . He said, and continued: ” I’ve grown in a poor village, with no floor nor ceiling in my house, no money in anyone’s pocket and I learned programming by myself in an environment with almost no computers around. That was so stressful life because everyone was doing physical jobs and I was literally “thinking in the cloud”. After some time of doing software for the Chilean Government, he was living in Spain studying engineering in the University of Basque Country for a year. “That year (2008) I understood that creative thinking is always involved in travel. I had always been writing hidden texts in form of poems but that year I wanted to do it professionally. My mind was blowing and I was almost giving up of the tech world.” He wrote a set of poetry books in Spanish and published them on Amazon and some local editions in his country (Chile). He founded QuickCorp, a consultancy company to help digital entrepreneurs in the middle end of 2014, and he realised that many people in the world is still not living in the digital world. He went to New Zealand in 2016 for another year traveling around the whole country under a working holiday scheme and took his first English exam, the IELTS, in Victoria University of Wellington. ” When I was in NZ, I’ve met many people doing different jobs; hard-workers and I’ve learned something great of every single one of them. In that time, I was reconsidering the idea of making software again but keeping in mind a new purpose, the “wellbeing”. I was convinced that the money will not change your life, and making the things easier will not make your life happier“. That last thing was clicking into his mind for longer, until some day in 2019 he decided to do something about it. He opted to create a framework that makes developers happier while they are coding. The world is constantly in change but now that change is touching the way we work. Most of industries in the world are taking advantage of technology, especially software, and developers are becoming more and more demanded. The learning curve of new technologies is too steep, developers are facing the challenge of being faster than ever producing good quality code, and almost 70% of them have to use JavaScript for that. ” There is a lot of libraries out there promising you’ll be able to write less code for building a single app, but no one was designing them keeping the wellbeing of developers in mind. Now, developers are in the core of the work in the whole world. If you want to make your company more productive, you need happy workers, and most of them are developers. If you want to make the world happier, you need happy developers. So, how can they be happier while they code? It’s that simple as being able to code fancy, clean and quick! And that’s what QCObjects is meant for. Based on QCObjects, we are building a cloud store, a micro-services academy, organising block-chain pair programming sessions and we think still we’re not done”, Jean said.

If you want to get involved in the QCObjects Open Source Community, you can go to the website https://qcobjects.com and follow the instructions. Take a look of the documentation reference and make your own tool, library, or piece of software based in QCObjects for free! You can fork the project on GitHub and propose some changes or new features, or donate by a sponsor subscription in order to get full support and warranty of code.

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