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June 19, 2021


United Kingdom

Brand Feature

Brand Feature

‘Let young people fall in love with Chinese fashion products’

Exclusive interview of Yuhai, founder of ZombiesCat, with BH, as he delves into Intellectual Property, its enhancement and its future        IP has become

Brand Feature

Technology Driven by Manufacturing Practice

Zhang Xiaoyi, Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Midea Group gets talking with British Herald on digital transformation, Industrial Internet

Brand Feature

Shenzhen Jewellery Museum: Bridging the ornament industry and culture

Name any tourist destination and one is sure to find museums there showcasing artefacts of different categories. However, it is not often that people come

Brand Feature

O3 Care – Bringing bed sanitising innovation to hospitals, hotels and homes

With the pandemic scourge altering the world order in more ways than one, firms have to shift their focus to healthcare as well and think of adopting

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