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August 4, 2020
Daily Roundup

Thursday, 30th July Daily Roundup

Here’s a quick summary of what has happened around the world over the last 24 hours, brought to you exclusively by British Herald.

Local News

Although novel coronavirus infections are under some measure of control in the country, its resurgence in some European countries has made it clear that the pandemic is not over yet, said Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

According to official data, one in three furloughed workers in the country returned to work in the first two weeks of this month as the hospitality industry began to reopen.

The sculpture of a huge swirl of cream with a cherry on top and and a fly and a drone as well was unveiled on Fourth Plinth in London. Entitled ‘The End’, the nine-tonne sculpture by Heather Phillipson is the latest in a series of contemporary artworks to be put on display on the plinth.

World News

Perseverance, which is NASA’s next-generation Mars rover, is all prepared for liftoff from Cape Canaveral. It is embarking on a mission to glean traces of potential past life on the Red Planet.

Johnson & Johnson started US human safety trials for its potential COVID-19 vaccine in US. This comes after the firm released details of a study in monkeys that showed the shot offering strong protection in a single dose.

The Vietnam government appealed to tens of thousands of people who visited a central city to report to disease control centres. This comes in the wake of nine new coronavirus cases being confirmed.

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