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September 18, 2020
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China parliament to review Hong Kong security law draft

BEIJING (CHINA) – The top decision-making body of China’s parliament will review a draft of the national security legislation for Hong Kong during a session in Beijing that began on Thursday, reported the Xinhua news agency. The draft legislation defines four crimes: separatist activity, state subversion, terrorist activity, and collusion with foreign forces,

British lawmakers concerned about coronavirus reaching parliament

LONDON – Worried lawmakers believe that the 19th-century British parliamentary palace, its grand offices and wood-panelled meeting rooms are ill-equipped to deal with coronavirus. Efforts are being made by the government to contain coronavirus spread; however, the current infected count in the country stands at 85. On Tuesday, Britain elaborated on an action plan on

What is at stake in Taiwan’s presidential election?

TAIPEI- Taiwan votes in presidential and parliamentary elections on Saturday, which will set the course for the democratic island’s ties with its giant and autocratic neighbour China, which claims Taiwan as its territory. Here is what is at stake in the election, and its potential global impact. WHY IS TAIWAN IMPORTANT? Aside from its key […]