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January 26, 2021
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Survey predicts UK house prices to fall 5% this year

LONDON (UK) – A poll of property market analysts has revealed that British home prices are likely to fall this year and there is little chances to recover those losses until the 2022 in the wake of high unemployment rates following the spread of coronavirus. . Britain’s economy shrank by a quarter over March and […]

Russia’s total coronavirus cases exceed 520,000

MOSCOW (World) – Russia reported 8,706 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, raising its cumulative tally above 520,000 as data showed that more than 2,700 people infected with the virus had died in April. With 520,129 cases, Russia has the third highest number in the world after the United States and Brazil. Its official death toll […]

Emerging market corporate credit quality down; not out

LONDON (Finance) – The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on companies around the world, but in poorer emerging economies where balance sheets and credit ratings were already weak, the damage is looking particularly widespread. Of the almost 1,800 rating cuts or downgrade warnings S&P Global has made since the virus exploded, 420 have […]