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August 3, 2020
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Coronavirus cases worldwide approach 7 million

(World) – On Saturday, global coronavirus cases approached 7 million, with a surge of cases in Brazil and India. Approximately 30% of those cases are in the U.S., accounting for a total of 2 million. However, the fastest-growing outbreak is in Latin America with 16% of all cases. All over

Mexico crosses US’ daily coronavirus death toll

MEXICO CITY (World) – Mexico overtook the United States in daily reported deaths from the novel coronavirus for the first time on Wednesday, with the health ministry registering a record 1,092 fatalities it attributed to improved documenting of the pandemic. Latin American has emerged in recent weeks as a major center for coronavirus. Brazil, where […]

COVID-19 death toll in the UK rises to 36,675 by 282

LONDON (UK) – The confirmed coronavirus death toll in the UK by 282 to 36,675. “Tragically, 36,675 people have now died.” – Grant Shapps, British Transport Secretary The British government announced the death toll based on those who definitely had COVID-19. Broader suspected COVID-19 death figures give a bigger toll. (Photo syndicated via

Seven coronavirus deaths, 205 more cases reported in Philippines

MANILA (Asia) – The health ministry of the Philippines reported seven new coronavirus deaths and 205 new infections. Total coronavirus deaths in the Philippines had increased to 831, while confirmed coronavirus cases have risen to 12,718. 94 more patients recovered from the virus, bringing total recoveries to 2,729. (Photo syndicated via Reuters)This story has been