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October 24, 2020
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Coronavirus cases worldwide approach 7 million

(World) – On Saturday, global coronavirus cases approached 7 million, with a surge of cases in Brazil and India. Approximately 30% of those cases are in the U.S., accounting for a total of 2 million. However, the fastest-growing outbreak is in Latin America with 16% of all cases. All over the world, coronavirus deaths are […]

Mexico crosses US’ daily coronavirus death toll

MEXICO CITY (World) – Mexico overtook the United States in daily reported deaths from the novel coronavirus for the first time on Wednesday, with the health ministry registering a record 1,092 fatalities it attributed to improved documenting of the pandemic. Latin American has emerged in recent weeks as a major center for coronavirus. Brazil, where […]

COVID-19 death toll in the UK rises to 36,675 by 282

LONDON (UK) – The confirmed coronavirus death toll in the UK by 282 to 36,675. “Tragically, 36,675 people have now died.” – Grant Shapps, British Transport Secretary The British government announced the death toll based on those who definitely had COVID-19. Broader suspected COVID-19 death figures give a bigger toll. (Photo syndicated via