Blinken calls top Chinese diplomat, pressures China Xinjiang
December 6, 2021

Blinken calls top Chinese diplomat, pressures China on Xinjiang, Hong Kong

WASHINGTON (US) – In a phone call on Friday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told key Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi that Washington will show solidarity towards human rights and democratic values in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong, said the State Department on Saturday.

He also pressured China to condemn the military coup in neighbouring Myanmar and stressed that Washington will work closely with allies to hold Beijing accountable for efforts to thwart stability of the Indo-Pacific, said the department in a statement.

Meanwhile, Yang told Blinken that the US should make amends for its recent mistakes and both sides should respect each other’s political systems and development paths, said a statement from the Chinese foreign ministry.

In online forum on Tuesday, Yang said he hoped ties between both the nation would return to a predictable and constructive track, while stressing that the US should stop meddling in issues regarding sovereignty of China, including Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong.

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