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UK don’t need no election nor Brexit referendum – Hunt

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain does not need a national election or another Brexit referendum right now, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on Tuesday.

Hunt said it was not impossible to get a Brexit deal with Labour but that it was in both parties’ political DNA not to trust each other. He said both parties would be “crucified” at a general election if they failed to resolve Brexit.

“I think you can never discount any of these potential outcomes. But I think a general election and a second referendum are my least likely outcomes because Brexit divides all the parties,” Hunt said at a Wall Street Journal conference.

“It is difficult to see how a general election, particularly changes the situation, and I also think it is very, very unpopular for MPs, for understandable reasons.”

When questioned whether he would put a no-deal Brexit on the table at some point, Hunt said this parliament did not want a no-deal Brexit. He said Britain needed a pro-business immigration policy after Brexit.

(Reporting by Guy Faulconbridge. Editing by Andrew MacAskill)

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