Olympics must take place as sign of overcoming crisis: Tokyo governor
January 27, 2021

Olympics must take place next year as sign of overcoming coronavirus crisis: Tokyo governor

TOKYO (JAPAN) – Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, who is projected as a future premier, said on Monday that the Olympic games must be held next year as a symbol of solidarity in overcoming the novel coronavirus. This comes even as the capital city grapples with surging cases.

Japan has not witnessed a huge spurt in cases compared to other countries. But the capital city is facing a spike in the number of infections. It accounts for more than a third of all cases, stoking fears of a second wave.

The 2020 Olympics were scheduled to start this month, but it was postponed to next year because of the pandemic. Koike has promised to garner public support for the event.

“I want to host them as a symbol of the world coming together to overcome this tough situation and of strengthened bonds among humankind,” Koike said.

Fluent in English and Arabic, Koike, who was a television announcer earlier is a global thinker with a nationalist flavour.

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