Hungary to examine rules on cross-border travel
August 10, 2020

Hungary to examine rules on cross-border travel as COVID cases spike in neighbouring states

BUDAPEST (HUNGARY) – Hungary is all set to review its rules on travel to neigbouring Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia where the coronavirus cases are on the rise, said Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff.

Last month, the country had eased most of its curbs and opened its borders to travellers from EU states as well as countries not members of the bloc.

According to Gergely Gulyas, the coronavirus task force is slated to meet later on Thursday to examine the rules regarding cross-border travel. He told a media briefing that infections had been rising in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia and Austria in the past two weeks.

“Wherever we have a small new coronavirus infection cluster, the infectious person brought the virus into the country from abroad,” Gulyas added.

Hungary, which has a population of around 10 million, had recorded 4,220 cases and 591 COVID-19 related fatalities as of Thursday.

Neighbouring Austria came out with travel warnings for Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova on Wednesday.

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