Test-and-trace scheme: Proportion of COVID-19 contacts dips again
November 30, 2020

England test-and-trace scheme: Proportion of COVID-19 contacts dips again

LONDON (UK) – According to figures released by the UK ministry of health on Thurday, the proportion of contracts of those who tested positive for coronavirus accessed by England’s test-and-trace system slumped again in its fifth week of operation.

Between June 25 and July 1, as many as 4,347 people had their cases transferred to the system, said the department of health. As many as 14,892 people were identified as close contacts and 70.8% were reached and told to remain in quarantine.

On the other hand, 73% were reported to have been reached in the fourth week and 82.4% in the third week.

The department of health on Thursday revised the proportion reached to 74.2%, adding that as many as 31,421 people had been transferred to the system since it began on May 28, with 75.7% reached by the system.

According to officials, the average turnaround time for tests is improving with 97.5% of tests results returned the following day.

“We are committed to continually improving NHS Test and Trace … This week we have seen test turnaround times improve further,” said Dido Harding, executive chair of NHS Test and Trace.

The government also announced a pilot scheme for asymptomatic testing of taxi drivers, cleaners and retail assistants in a bid to ascertain if they are effective.

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