Curb contacts to stem tide of coronavirus spread: Merkel tells Germans
October 26, 2020

Curb contacts and travel to stem tide of coronavirus spread: Merkel tells Germans

BERLIN (GERMANY) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel exhorted people to restrict social contacts and travel. She made a personal appeal after the federal and state governments struggled to reach a consensus on ways to tackle the spread of the pandemic.

“We have to do everything to prevent the virus from spreading out of control. Every day counts,” Merkel said in her weekly video podcast.

While Germany’s infection rates have been lower than in much of Europe, they have been accelerating and hit a daily record high of 7,830 on Saturday, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infections diseases.

The reported death toll rose by 33 to 9,767.

German leaders were unable this week to reach a consensus on strong new measures to contain the second COVID-19 wave. Courts in several regions have, meanwhile, overturned bans on hotel stays for visitors from infection hotspots.

Politicians and health experts have appealed to the population to take voluntary measures over and above those already prescribed – including wearing masks, avoiding close contact with others and hand washing.

“We have to go further,” Merkel said. “I appeal to you: Meet with fewer people, either at home or outside.

“Please forsake any journey that is not absolutely essential, every party that is not absolutely essential. Stay at home, where at all possible.”

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