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Nobel Peace Prize- Why Abiy Ahmed?

A ‘Nobel’ Honour “It is a prize given to Africa, given to Ethiopia, and I can imagine how the rest of Africa’s leaders will take it positively to work on the peace-building process in our continent.” On Tuesday, 10th December 2019 in the Oslo City Hall in Norway, the Nobel Prize Committee will

Mohammed Dangor, murdered in South Africa

Mohammed Dangor (Left) murdered in South Africa. Image Credit: Speedy Car Sales. Johannesburg: Mohammed Dangor, owner of Speedy Car Sales in Klerksdorp South Africa has been shot dead this afternoon, following an argument with a client. Two other employees were wounded. The gunman has handed himself over to the police. Mohammed had just taken over the […]

British Herald – The Facts

London – Recently, British Herald conducted a survey which declared Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the world’s Most Powerful Person. This survey garnered a lot of media attention with several media houses involving in rapturous reporting and hailing the victory. But, it also brought in many accusations and controversies which orbited around the British