Cinderella cine-peek: A revival that articulates awakening of the soul
October 5, 2022
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Cinderella cine-peek: A revival that articulates awakening of the soul and positive self-image

Cinderella is one tell-tale that people from various generations have been enthralled with for years and Disney’s visual take on the same just went on to become an icing on the cake. The aesthetic beauty and innocence of the story was such that it enraptured umpteen hearts and restored faith in the oppressed about the rewards that are in store in turn for having a strong-willed heart. While the story was pleasing to the senses, over the years, the story of how a oppressed woman’s life witnesses a sea change after getting married to a royal prince has been talked to be a potboiler to suit the sensibilities of people decades ago. It reiterated that marriage is the ultimate purpose in a woman’s life, rather than tapping into one’s personal desires or goals. And with ‘newer times comes newer measures’ and as singer Camila Cabello clothes herself as Cinderella in a rip off, of the age-old fairy-tale, it is aimed at being tailor-made for the world today that is more self-aware and sensitised of their worth more than anything.

The film which is likely to be out on September 3 saw its trailer being launched online recently. In its pursuit of defying stereotypes, the openly gay American actor Billy Porter has stepped into the shoes of Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.

At the outset, Ella is shown envisioning her own store called Dresses by Ella, amid an array of mannequins around her as she ensures to give a creative twist to everything around her. The role of her stepmother is essayed by actress Idina Menzel, and she is seen mocking her perennial dream of becoming a seamstress, who ventures out on launching or selling her own clothes. It starts off by highlighting that it is a story that you know, yet something one doesn’t.

While Cinderella eyes a better life, she yearns to be a self-built woman and does not let her happiness to be bound by her union with a male counterpart or determined by one. As the king, played by the suave Pierce Brosnan, throws open an opportunity to find the partner for his son through a ball, all that Cinderella sees in this is a chance to showcase her artistry and garner attention, as it would skyrocket her talents as an entrepreneur. What will change on the midnight of the ball forms the rest of the story

The storyline might be something that we all are familiar with and the fact that it is a revival is also known, however, what would be different is the way it would be dealt with, this time. The reboot will be replete with histrionics, drama, enchantment and repartee as well.

Directed by Kay Cannon of Girlboss fame, the film also stars James Corden, Minnie Driver, Missy Elliott and others, in prominent roles.

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