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August 23, 2019

Zomato delivery boy eats customer’s food

India’s food ordering giant Zomato fired its delivery partner after a video of the person eating out of boxed orders went viral.

Hyderabad: A viral video showing a Zomato food delivery man eating food from a parcel and sealing it again has left the city questioning how safe and hygienic the food delivery system is. In the video, the man parks by the roadside, eats food from three packets and then reseals the delivery bag. The man is wearing a Zomato t-shirt in the video. Initially, it was not confirmed if he was a Zomato employee. But when the video went viral, the company confirmed the man was working for them in Madurai and that he has been fired. It was later reported that the video was shot in Madurai, and the delivery man had been sacked.

Zomato took cognizance of the matter and after an investigation confirmed that the concerned person in the video belonged to its service fleet and that the incident took place in Madurai. However, as it let its customers know that the man was removed from its service fleet, many wondered why the man ate in the first place.


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