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September 22, 2020

World’s biggest lockdown extended in India as cases cross 10,000

NEW DELHI (Asia) – India extended its nationwide lockdown on 1.3 billion people until May 3 as the coronavirus case numbers cross 10,000 despite a three-week shutdown.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation in a televised address and said the challenge was to combat the spread of the virus to new parts of the country. He, however, held out hope that a few of these restrictions may be eased next week in least-affected areas in order to allow essential activities.

“Till May 3, every Indian will have to stay in lockdown. I request all Indians that we stop the coronavirus from spreading to other areas.”

– Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister

The number of coronavirus infections in India reached 10,363, with 339 deaths.

Health experts fear that India’s low levels of testing might be the reason for this number lower than other countries and fear that the actual levels of infection could be far higher.

“The nation has benefited greatly from social distancing and lockdown. If we only look at it from the economic standpoint it looks expensive – we’ve had to pay a huge cost, but before the lives of Indians this has no comparison.”

– Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister

Modi offered no solution to those who have lost their jobs due to the shutdown of the 2.9 trillion economy. He acknowledged the pain of poor families struggling to afford food, and migrant workers unable to get back home to their villages.

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