World War Two veteran and star fund raiser Captain Moore to be knighted
January 22, 2022

World War Two veteran and star fund raiser Captain Tom Moore to be knighted

LONDON (UK) – Centenarian and World War Two veteran Captain Tom Moore, who became a sensation in the UK by raising millions of pounds for health workers when the pandemic struck, will be knighted by Queen Elizabeth on Friday.

Moore raised a whopping 33 million pounds by walking 100 laps of his garden with the help of a walker before his birthday.

His effort swayed millions of Britons as they were facing the pandemic.

An honorary colonel and honorary member of the England cricket team, Moore will receive the knighthood at Windsor Castle where the 94-year-old monarch is residing.

However, other investitures have been put on hold because of the pandemic.

According to Buckingham Palace, the ceremony would be a private affair and it will be attended by Moore’s family members.

“I hope she’s not very heavy-handed with the sword,” said Moore when he heard of the announcement.

Palace sources said the queen would be using a sword of her father, George VI.

PM Boris Johnson nominated Moore for knighthood in May.

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