With over 15,000 new cases, Florida sets record
January 27, 2021

With over 15,000 new cases, Florida sets record

WASHINGTON (US) – The US state of Florida witnessed a record spurt in the number of infections with over 15,000 new COVID-19 cases over 24 hours on Sunday. This comes as the government is renewing its push for schools to reopen and anti-mask protests were planned in Michigan and Missouri.

The state’s daily spurt in the number of cases has crossed the daily tally reported by an European country. It also broke New York state’s record of 12,847 new cases on April 10 when it was the epicentre of the outbreak.

The spurt in figures comes a day after Walt Disney World in Orlando reopened with a limited number of visitors with a host of safety measures, including masks and temperature checks.

In several states, including Florida and Michigan, anti-mask activists organised protests against the mandate to cover the face and nose, saying it infringed upon individual freedom.

The US smashed a national record by registering 60,000 new cases a day for four days in a stretch. The number of hospitalisations and positive test rates are also surging in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas.

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