Wednesday, 12th August Daily Roundup - British Herald
September 23, 2020
Daily Roundup

Wednesday, 12th August Daily Roundup

Here’s a quick summary of what has happened around the world over the last 24 hours, brought to you exclusively by British Herald.

Local News

In a bid to defuse the row over awarding school grades during the pandemic, England has decided to allow students to use the results of earlier tests. This last-minute change comes in the wake of an outcry in Scotland.

A YouGov poll found that a majority of Scots want independence from the UK. Nationalists support the bid as they believe that Scotland handled the response to the pandemic in a much better way compared to Westminster.

World News

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his newly chosen running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, are slated to make their debut appearance in Wilmington, Delaware, as the campaign gains momentum.

Police in Belarus detained more than 1,000 protesters on the third consecutive night of protests. The protests broke out over an allegedly rigged poll that handed incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko another term.

Philippine scientists set out for meeting those representing the Russian research facility that developed a vaccine for coronavirus. They would also discuss possible participation in clinical trials so as to access its research data.

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