We will certainly have a vaccine next year, says German health minister
January 15, 2021

We will certainly have a vaccine next year, says German health minister

BERLIN (GERMANY) – There will be a coronavirus vaccine in the coming months and definitely next year, said German Health Minister Jens Spahn on Thursday. This comes after the public health agency revoked a report which hinted that a shot would be ready by the fall.

“I’m optimistic that in the next months, and certainly in the next year, there can be a vaccine,” said the minister.

The Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases issued a statement on Wednesday saying that there would be a vaccine by the autumn. But the institute later withdrew it saying the documents were not up-to-date.

The health minister did not mention which month the vaccine would be ready. He also did not say how many people will be given the shots.

“But one thing we can say is that thanks to us all working together – researchers, scientists, the public – we will probably have a vaccine faster than ever before in the history of humanity,” he said.

Research Minister Anja Karliczek had earlier said that there was little chance for a vaccine to be available before the middle of next year.

Russia had announced giving regulatory authority to a vaccine dubbed ‘Sputnik V’ less than two months after human trials. Spahn dismissed it saying there was little data about it and there had not been broad tests.

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