Volkswagen fined by Polish watchdog over 'dieselgate' scandal
January 18, 2022

Volkswagen fined by Polish watchdog over ‘dieselgate’ scandal

WARSAW- On Wednesday, UOKiK which is a Polish consumer watchdog said that it was going to fine Volkswagen over 120 million zlotys (24.27 million pounds) for not revealing information regarding its vehicle emissions and misleading customers.

This is the biggest fine ever given by UOKiK and is part of a Volkswagen global emissions cheating scandal costing the company an amount of 30 billion in vehicle refits, legal costs and fines. The scandal also triggered a global diesel vehicle backlash.

Misinformation was caused by advertisements carrying false information. Volkswagen’s pro-ecological attitude is not in line with their environmentally unfriendly practices.

In 2015, Volkswagen admitted to cheating on diesel engine emissions tests.

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