Unemployment benefits: Democrats, govt face pressure to strike deal
January 28, 2022

Unemployment benefits: Democrats, Trump administration face pressure to reach consensus

WASHINGTON (US) – Democrats in the Congress and Trump administration officials on Monday faced immense pressure to reach a deal on passing a legislation regarding coronavirus aid. This comes after they missed a deadline to extend pandemic benefits to millions of Americans who are jobless.

Over the weekend, key Congressional Democrats and representatives of President Donald Trump were expected to meet in the Capitol to resume discussions regarding the coronavirus aid measures. But the deadlock continued.

The major obstacle in the discussions is the extension of federal unemployment benefits of $600 a week. A Federal Reserve official said that failure to reach a consensus would weaken the economy.

Democrats want the Congress to renew the benefits which are the lifeline for millions who lost their jobs.

The White House and Republicans are gunning to trim the aid package they have dismissed the state and local assistance package as too expensive. It was included in legislation passed by the Democratic-led House of Representatives in May.

Republicans, who favour reducing the unemployment benefits, say it is a disincentive for people to work.

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