UK's Tugendhat says West should not do business with Huawei

UK’s Tugendhat says West should not do business with Huawei

LONDON (UK) – UK parliament’s foreign affairs committee chairman said on Wednesday that the West should not do business with Chinese firm Huawei.

“We need to be clear that companies that are involved in the security state that has led to the detention in prison camps of more than a million and half Uighur Muslims should not be companies with which we are willing to do business,” chairman Tom Tugendhat told Sky.

“That includes companies like Huawei that are integral to the Chinese security state,” he added.

As per UN estimates, more than a million Muslims have been detained in camps in Xinjiang. The US State Department has blamed China of torturing and busing Muslims and trying to erase their culture and their religion.

However, China denies these charges, saying the so called camps are nothing but vocational training centres.

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