UK to announce plans to ensure free flow of trade post-Brexit
September 21, 2020

UK to announce plans to ensure free flow of trade post-Brexit

LONDON (UK) – The UK will announce on Thursday its plans to ensure that trade flow remains unaffected with European bloc nations when regulatory powers are reclaimed from the EU at the end of the year. It will be given to the governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

When the country was part of the EU, it adhered to the bloc’s rules in sectors such as agriculture, environment, consumer protection and employment rights. Now since the country has quit the bloc, these powers will once again remain with Britain.

While some powers will remain with Westminster, others will be handed over to devolved governments. The announcement on Thursday will broadly outline the distribution of powers.

Earlier, Wales and Scotland had expressed concerns that they would lose out to Westminster in the distribution of powers.

“We want to ensure the most successful political and economic union of nations in the world continues to grow and thrive,” said business minister Alok Sharma.

However, the Nicola Sturgeon government in Scotland will be closely observing the distribution of powers.

UK cabinet minister Michael Gove termed the plan as a “power surge” to devolved governments. Before the final legislation is drafted, the plan will be discussed with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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