UK Liberal Democrats could back minority on 'issue-by-issue' basis

UK Liberal Democrats could back minority government on an ‘issue-by-issue’ basis

LEEDS, England – Britain’s Liberal Democrats who were anti-Brexit say that they could support a minority Labour or Conservative Party government. This could happen on an issue-by-issue basis if a Dec. 12 election does not produce a clear winner, Ed Davey, the party’s finance spokesman said on Friday.

“If either of them form a minority government, as is possible, we will vote issue by issue… that will force any government to come to the centre to be more moderate,” Davey told an audience in Leeds, northern England.

Davey has said the party would not vote to make Conservative leader Boris Johnson nor Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister. However, Davey’s comments have suggested that the party might be prepared to work with a minority government on selected issues.

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