UAE records 1,007 new coronavirus cases, highest so far
October 27, 2020
Middle East

UAE records 1,007 new coronavirus cases, highest so far

DUBAI (UAE) – The health ministry of the United Arab Emirates said on Saturday that the country reported 1,007 new cases of novel coronavirus, which is the highest daily number ever since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Over the past six weeks, the Gulf state has witnessed a surge in the number of new cases and government officials blame people for not following social distancing norms.

After peaking at 994 on May 22, the cases fell although in between there were some surges.

So far, the UAE has recorded 78,849 cases and 399 fatalities. The nation is home to 10 million people and most of them are expatriates.

An official of the health ministry said on Thursday that people should follow social distancing and avoid large gatherings.

The emirates had earlier enforced strict measures to stem the spread of the pandemic by locking down Dubai, which is its tourism hub, and having months-long evening curfews. Dubai has reopened to visitors although the airports in other parts of the country remain closed to visitors.

Most businesses and public venues are now open with restrictions in place.

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