TV documentary invites scrutiny to Britney Spears lawsuit
February 25, 2021

TV documentary invites scrutiny to Britney Spears lawsuit

LOS ANGELES (US) – The lawsuit involving singer Britney Spears was back in court on Thursday and there is little progress regarding the issue of how much longer her personal and business affairs have to be controlled by other people.

Los Angeles Superior Court judge Brenda Penny said Britney’s father and the new financial trust firm should work closely to develop an investment plan benefitting the singer.

Earlier, Britney had made it clear she no longer wanted her father, Jamie, to be involved in her affairs. However, the judge had extended his conservatorship until September 2021. Jamie was appointed conservator in 2008 after she was hospitalised for psychiatric treatment.

The hearing on Thursday came after the broadcast of a TV documentary last week that invited scrutiny to the case and the break-down of the former teen sensation.

Her admirers have been drumming up support for Britney with the hashtags #We’reSorryBritney and #FreeBritney.

On Monday, Glamour magazine tendered an apology saying, “We are all to blame for what happened to Britney Spears – we may not have caused her downfall, but we funded it.”

The 39-year-old singer later revived her career. However, she withdrew from a Las Vegas concert residency in 2019 and briefly entered a mental health facility.

A few fans belonging to the #FreeBritney campaign gathered outside the courthouse on Thursday demanding an end to the conservatorship.

Her supporters believe she is held prisoner and is sending cryptic signals begging to be freed through social media.

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