Tuesday, 20th October Daily Roundup - British Herald
December 2, 2020
Daily Roundup

Tuesday, 20th October Daily Roundup

Here’s a quick summary of what has happened around the world over the last 24 hours, brought to you exclusively by British Herald.

Local News

People travelling to Hong Kong and Italy from Heathrow Airport will have to undergo a one-hour COVID-19 test as part of a bid to facilitate international travel, said The Times.

In a bid to expedite the development of a vaccine for the pandemic, Britain said it would support “human challenge” trials, where young, healthy volunteers are infected with the novel coronavirus.

In order to raise money for a hospice, an octogenarian retired army major is attempting to row 100 miles (161 km) in a boat he built from corrugated iron. He is following in the footsteps of record-breaking fundraiser Captain Tom Moore.

World News

In what is seen as a shocking blow to Ghislaine Maxwell, an appeals court has refused to ban the release of a deposition she gave regarding her relationship with the late financier and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein

As part of a crackdown on Muslim radicals who incite hatred after the beheading of a teacher who showed his pupils caricatures of Prophet Mohammed, a mosque outside Paris was closed down temporarily.

History was made when the first-ever official United Arab Emirates delegation set off to Israel. This comes after both countries normalised their diplomatic ties last month under a US-brokered treaty.

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