Trump, state attorneys general to discuss online censorship of tech firms
October 27, 2020

Trump, Republican state attorneys general to discuss online censorship of tech firms

WASHINGTON (US) – President Donald Trump will hold a meeting with Republican state attorneys general on Wednesday to discuss revising a key law that protects social media firms from owing responsibility for content posted by users.

“Online censorship goes far beyond the issue of free speech, it’s also one of protecting consumers and ensuring they are informed of their rights and resources to fight back under the law,” said White House spokesman Judd Deere. “State attorneys general are on the front lines of this issue and President Trump wants to hear their perspectives.”

The president will hold a meeting with attorneys general of Texas, Arizona, Utah, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina and Missouri.

Trump had signed an executive order in May seeking new regulatory scrutiny of tech firms’ content moderation decisions and supported a legislation to scrap or weaken Section 230 of the law.

Trump directed the Commerce Department to file the petition urging the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to curb protections under Section 230. This came after Twitter Inc users in May to cross-check Trump’s posts about claims of fraud in mail-in voting.

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