Trump is planning on a visit to India next month for the first time
July 13, 2020

Trump is planning on a visit to India next month

On Tuesday, sources stated that U.S. President Donald Trump is considering to visit India next month. This would be Trump’s first visit to the subcontinent since taking office three years ago.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking to build close ties with Washington and invited Trump for the Indian annual Republic Day parade celebrations that take place on the 26th of January. However, Trump could not accept the invitation as the dates clashed with his State of the Union address.

An open invitation still stands and dates are being worked out by both parties.

Another source said that Trump is planning to visit the world’s largest democracy in late February and may visit a second city outside of the national capital Delhi.

Close political and security ties have been built between India and United States. However, of late, trade frictions have come to the forefront. Trump has named India as a country with the world’s highest tariffs, withdrawing a key trade concession for that very reason.

Both parties are intending to work out a new limited trade pact with lowered tariffs but in the past, these negotiations have soured over broader issues like data privacy and e-commerce controls.

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