Troops, firefighters struggle to control wildfire outside Madrid
September 30, 2020

Troops, firefighters struggle to control wildfire outside Madrid

MADRID (SPAIN) – Amid the blistering heat on Monday, firefighters and troops were engaged in a battle to control a wildfire in the Madrid region that burned through the night, forcing authorities to evacuate people from several houses.

According to the director of emergency services in Madrid, the firefighters had succeeded in establishing a perimeter around the area of the wildfire and would deploy aircraft to spray water.

“There is no risk to any population right now. We will be well prepared if the fire changes course,” Carlos Novillo said.

According to helicopter footage, thick clouds of smoke could be seen emanating from the hilly terrain.

A spokeswoman said that a few houses had to be isolated as a precaution but no communities were at risk.

A heatwave across southern Europe has sent the mercury column rising to above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in Spain making its woods highly vulnerable.

Three aircraft were deployed to spray water on the fire that broke out at the sparsely populated Robledo de Chavela region, 40km (25 miles) northwest of the Spanish capital.

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