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December 6, 2021

Trispecific Antibodies To Give New Dimension To Anticancer Targeted Therapeutics Market

NEW DELHI – The healthcare landscape all over world is shifting towards the paradigm which utilized therapeutic antibodies in the management of several diseases. The advent of bispecific antibody in the past few years has shown great penetration in the market due to their ability to target two different epitopes simultaneously. The arrival of this novel class of therapeutic drugs has shown to conquer the difficulties that have been observed in targeting multifactorial nature of the disease. The encouraging response of bispecific antibodies has surge further research and development in this sector.

The advancement in the field of science and protein engineering methods has allowed further development of more efficient trispecific antibodies. These are novel class which can bind to three different epitopes or antigens simultaneously, thus depicting more specificity and fficacy in the management of various diseases, including cancer. Not only is the specificity delivered by drugs helping market to attain more reliable and potential patients but there are other several parameters which are driving the research and development in this sector. Some of the parametrs that are propelling the growth of market are increasing prevalence of cancer cases, increasing failure rates of other cancer therapies, and rising geriatric population.

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Till date, no trispecific antibody has entered the market and is mainly confined to phase-I/II clinical trials. Trispecific antibody models have been designed to stimulate two T-cell antigens which aim to increase and prolong the T-cell activation without the need of external co-stimulatory models. At present, majority of research is focused on cancer owing to its increasing prevalence and high medical needs for targeted therapy. Apart from cancer, a few trispecific antibodies are also being developed for HIV.  

This global market houses a large number of companies that are nowadays striving to gain fast track approvals from government healthcare agencies to distribute and market their products. Some of the others are focusing on developing unique trispecific antibody therapeutics to cater to the unmet demand. Recently in January, 2021 US FDA has granted orphan drug designation to HPN217 for the management of adults with multiple myeloma. HPN217 is trispecific T-cell engager recombinant protein constructs which targets B-cell maturation antigen. Apart from this, several other trispecific antibodies are also present in clinical development including GTB3550, GTB4550, HPN424, SAR443216, and others which are expected to enter the market during the forthcoming years.

The report findings suggests that partnerships and collaborations have been taking place in order to expand the application of trispecific antibodies to the fullest is one of the factor that is analyzed to have a strong connection with growing appreciation and acceptance of the therapy around the world as standard one. Keeping in mind high acceptance to novel therapies, it has been analyzed that US will dominate the market. In addition, other factors including rising incidence of chronic diseases, favorable reimbursement policies, rising government initiatives, and increasing awareness among the population will also drive the growth of market in this region.

As per report findings, the trispecific antibody will gain entery into market by 2024. The global trispecific antibody report provides an overview of the market based on key parameters such as market size, estimated sales, and key drivers and challenges. The size of the market is expected to grow on a large scale during the forecast period (2021-2028). The research offers a detailed study on the ongoing clinical trials insight segment on the basis of phase, status, region, and by indication. The global trispecific antibody market is highly competitive and consists of several key players including Abbvie, Numab, GT Biopharma, Sanofi, Genmab, Harpoon Therapeutics, and others which are covered in the report. 

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