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October 26, 2021

Top destinations for Shopping tourism during this Summer

Shopping tourism is becoming a major factor when travelers pick their destinations and it is also a powerful driver of economic development. A new platform called LookStyler was created particularly for that reason. It connects professional stylists, fashion brands and international luxury shoppers in more than 70 cities worldwide in order to offer a unique shopping experience while traveling abroad.

See below the list of some of the most wanted destinations for fashion tourism this summer.

New York 

New York is one of the top fashion capitals of the world and the shopping experience in this city is always a real art of consumption. There are some major reasons why this city is on the A list of shopping destinations. Fore example, an impressive new shopping district called Hudson Yards just opened in the city and millions of visitors flock to the mall to snap a photo of themselves in front the famous Vessel. This is the city with the largest number of stylists in the world and LookStyler is the platform that leverages their skills to guide you while you shop. The city encompasses a multitude of many other shopping districts like Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue and Soho. There is something here for everyone’s fashion taste.


There is one common denominator that binds together all shopping destinations in Dubai: a unique luxury experience. All brands can be found in Dubai and while you stroll through the impressive malls, you can enjoy great restaurants as well. Luxury cars, jewelry and clothing are all part of this incredible shopping experience.


Paris is all about the blend of tradition and luxury. Known as the most prestigious fashion city in the world, it is a place that oozes style. The Art Nouveau architectural style paired with luxury department stores like Galeries Lafayette attract millions of tourists from all over the world every year. LookStyler can help you shop like VIP French celebrities do.


There is no other place on earth like Milan. Here you can buy Gucci, Prada, Versace and Fendi, while you stop to have a cup of the most delicious espresso. The culinary experience is on a very high level and it is paired so well with the fashion experience that can be enjoyed here. Everyone in the city looks stylish and its is a true delight to gaze at models, while you enjoy an Aperol Spritz in the evening during sunset. This city should be on the bucket list of everyone who wants to upgrade their wardrobe and their entire look.

LookStyler brings a unique experience to each of these cities. Now you can explore best shopping districts, discover independent designers and get a makeover, all with the help of a local professional expert. Stylists can save your time and money and make you look and feel beautiful, all while you travel. Isn’t that just perfect? Check out the platform:

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