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January 25, 2022
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TODAY AT EXPO – Saturday, 15 January

DUBAI – A look ahead to the major events of Friday, 25 January at Expo 2020 Dubai

Djibouti National Day

  • 1015, Al Wasl Plaza

Grenada National Day

  • 1615, Al Wasl Plaza

Travel & Connectivity Week (final day):

Cultures in Conversation – A Cloud is Nobody’s

  • A session that invites an artist to create an intervention around the week’s Travel & Connectivity theme and lead a conversation based on the commission
  • 1600–1725, DP World Pavilion

Global Goals Week Day 1 (15-22 January):

15 January also marks the start of Global Goals Week. For the first time in its history, the event will leave the United Nations General Assembly in New York City and come to life at Expo 2020 Dubai. Global Goals Week will bring the world together to mobilise and accelerate momentum to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and drive global change for a more sustainable future for all by 2030.

Global Goals takes over Al Wasl

  • Al Wasl will be lit up in the colours of the SDG brand
  • The youth manifesto – young people from around the world talking about their hopes and ambitions for the future – will be shown
  • UN Deputy Secretary General, Amina J. Mohammed will deliver an address
  • 1830–1900, Al Wasl Plaza

Other activities:

Piazza Vittorio Orchestra

  • Formed in 2002 in Rome’s multi-ethnic Esquillino district, the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio has gathered together a host of musicians from across the globe
  • 1900–2030, Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre

Grenada National Day performance

  • Join this celebration of Grenada’s rich culture. Through the singing, dancing, drumming, masquerade and the written word, Grenadian performers proudly pay homage to their African cultural heritage
  • 1900–2000, Jubilee Stage



South Korea National Day

  • 1600, Al Wasl Plaza

South Korea National Day performances

  • 10 performers will use the traditional Jang-Gu instrument, the most representative drum in the Korean music
  • 20 performers will do a demonstration of a Taekwondo fight
  • 1400, Al Wasl Plaza

Korea Innovation Fair 2022

  • Experience Korean culture, beauty, and food along with innovative technology
  • 16–18 January, 1600–2300, DEC, Hall 2A, Majlis, Rooms 1-8 North     

Media briefings for K-Pop bands performing at K-Pop Concert

  • (G)I-DLE: 1700-1720, EMC, 2nd floor – Media Conference room A
  • Golden Child: 1730-1750, EMC, 2nd floor – Media Conference room A

Korea National Day K-POP Concert

  • Artists: (G)I-DLE, Stray Kids, Golden Child, Psffi, Forstella and Sunmi
  • 1930–2200, Jubilee Stage

Global Goals Week Day 2:

Flagship Event: Global Goals for All

  • A session to create awareness around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), celebrate the progress made so far, and highlight the role of individuals and communities in further advancing the Goals
  • 1150–1615, The Nexus for People and Planet

World Majlis: Power to Change the World

  • Access to affordable energy is a basic human right in today’s developing world, and this World Majlis session will examine what energy sources are likely to play the biggest role in the future
  • 1600–1800, Australia Pavilion

The Suez Canal Supporting Global Trade Against Different Challenges 2022

  • This event discusses the policies and procedures adopted by the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) to ensure the continuity of services provided, as well as the sustainability of international trade
  • 1030, DEC, Hall 2A South

Visions and Journeys

  • Join a series of inspirational and educational talks tackling gender stereotypes
  • Her Excellency Epsy Campbell Barr, First Vice President of the Republic of Costa Rica, will attend the session
  • 1500–1600, Women’s Pavilion

Russia: Global Focus

  • This conference will be built around issues humanity has faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s role, and the decisions that must be made now — to tackle immediate challenges and become stronger
  • 1600–1830, Russia Pavilion

Other activities

Antonina Canal Prem Shakti Company

  • Witness multicultural expressions of the art of dance in this flamboyant show. The artists pay homage to the fusion of Colombian and Arab rhythms in both traditional and modern styles
  • 1400-1600, Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre

DJ Mato Blue

  • This DJ finds inspiration from artists like Carl Cox, Honey Dijon and Peggy Gou. Enjoy deep house, funk, disco, progressive house and techno
  • 1815–1900 and 2200–2330, Jubilee Stage


Registration for the second edition of the Expo Run closes on 16 January at 2359 GST

The first Expo Run was a significant visitation driver (5,000 participants) and entries for the second edition have increased to 10,000. It is set to take place on 22 January. Entries are on PremierOnline and each entry is for one Expo visitor:


Sao Tome & Principe National Day

  • 1015, Al Wasl Plaza

Bahamas National Day

  • 1615, Al Wasl Plaza

The Bahamas Cultural Dance and Music Show

  • Bahamas cultural dance is closely mirrored by the tantalising sounds of Goombay, with two lines of people dancing in synchronised rhythm
  • 1900-2000, Jubilee Stage

Global Goals Week Day 3:

Women’s World Majlis: Gender Equality, The Mother of All SDG’s

  • Without gender equality, we cannot hope to fully achieve any of the other Global Goals. Join us in this Women’s World Majlis to share insights and collectively contribute to building a gender-equitable future
  • 1100–1400, Women’s Pavilion

Expo Live Impact Series: Keeping it Cool until the Last Mile

  • A panel discussion looking at ways to address healthcare challenges in remote, off-grid areas. The panellists will talk about innovative technologies developed specifically to execute last-mile delivery
  • 1600–1645, The Good Place Pavilion by Expo Live

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week Opening Ceremony and Zayed Sustainability Prize Awards

  • This platform – one of the largest in the world – brings members of the global community together to accelerate sustainable development
  • The Zayed Sustainability Prize is the UAE’s pioneering global award in sustainability and a tribute to the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan
  • 1000-1200, Dubai Exhibition Centre

European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform goes global

  • The event is an opportunity to showcase what Europe has to offer in the field of the circular economy and to create an international space for front-running EU circular entrepreneurs
    • The Power of European Circular Networks, 1000–1130, Netherlands Pavilion
    • Circular Opportunities on Building & Infrastructure, 1145–1315, Netherlands Pavilion
    • Sustainable Living and Wood, Fit for 55, 1400-1730, Slovenian Pavilion
  • Please register via

G-STIC Dubai Conference

  • The G-STIC conference is one of the world’s largest conferences and key meeting places where technological solutions for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals are discussed
  • 0900-1800, Dubai Exhibition Centre

ArtCamp Andorra for global goals

  • The presentation will be an opportunity to focus on how art can help change the world
  • 1600–1700, Opportunity Forum

Other activities:

Cultural Week at the Luxembourg Pavilion

  • Eight artists take over the Luxembourg Pavilion with their joint project “Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir ginn” (“We want to remain what we become”)
  • The project reflects Luxembourg’s diversity, variety and heritage
  • Until 20 January, 1000-2200, Luxembourg Pavilion

Romanian National Opera

  • The Romanian National Opera brings together the country’s greatest voices at a performance to commemorate their 100th anniversary
  • 1800-1900, Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre

Khumariyaan and Gul Panra

  • Pashto singer Gul Panra and the band Khumariyaan will enthral Afghani and Pakistani fans in a mesmerising music concert
  • 2100-2200, Jubilee Stage


Nicaragua National Day

  • 1015, Al Wasl Plaza

Global Goals Week Day 3:

Thematic Business Forum Global Goals

  • This forum will highlight and showcase business opportunities, cutting-edge technologies, and the progress achieved by the UAE, International Participants and Expo partners in terms of the Global Goals
  • 1200-1800, Dubai Exhibition Centre

Expo Live Impact Series: Innovating and Caring for Women’s Health

  • Join a panel discussion to highlight the challenges women and girls face in accessing quality hygiene products
  • 1600-1700, The Good Place by Expo Live

World Majlis | Extending the Revolution to Every Desk and Doorstep

  • Thought leaders, visionaries and changemakers ask whether emerging economies can reap the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • 1600-1800, Terra Auditorium

Our Voices: The Change needed

  • A panel discussion with change-making Nigerian women, who are making a significant positive impact on women when it comes to political, economic and social issues
  • 1400–1700, Abu Dhabi Hall, Business Connect Centre

Open Minds

  • A presentation will be held by Open Minds, an NGO that supports special needs children by raising awareness and promoting integration, providing families in need with treatment, testing, training and therapy services 
  • 1830-2000, Lebanon Pavilion

Other activities:

Outlier Series | Italian Women’s Entrepreneurs

  • Event by Cartier International
  • 1200-1300, Women’s Pavilion

Century of Styles

  • Move through the most iconic moments in the evolution of dance – from 1920 through to the present day
  • 1630-1700, Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre

Comvita Honey Tasting Pop-up

  • Taste the goodness of Manuka. The globally-recognised Manuka honey brand, Comvita, will host a one-of-a-kind honey tasting at the New Zealand Pavilion. This experience is complimentary but bookings are required
  • 1300-1600, New Zealand Pavilion

Hip Hop Hooray

  • Feel the beat and rhythm as the region’s best hip hop dancers wow audiences in this exciting and energetic dance show
  • 1730-1800, Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre

Eduardo Guerrero: Faro

  • Take a trip across Spain and discover the magic of the country’s lighthouses with Faro, an exhilarating flamenco performance
  • 2000-2200, Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre

Expo’s full calendar is available here

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