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August 4, 2020
Daily Roundup

Thursday, 12th December 2019 Daily Roundup

Here’s a quick summary of what has happened around the world over the last 24 hours, brought to you exclusively by British Herald

Local News

Local news this weekend is all about the UK general elections. Today’s focus was on PM Boris Johnson’s odd campaign merchandise and his claims that today’s elections couldn’t be tighter. Britain goes out to vote, the race has tightened with these Brexit elections and numerous opinion polls have released their results. So who is finally going to win this election? Let’s wait and watch! Tomorrow’s daily roundup is sure to present you with all of the election results! 


In the field of technology, Facebook has continued to be in the news for two reasons- the social networking site has been warned by Australian authorities to commit to new rules and it has also sued Hong Kong company ILikeAd for alleged ad fraud. Speaking of social networks, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is looking to create an open, decentralised standard for itself and its contemporaries. In exclusive tech news, sources have stated that Japan’s Display is in the talks of financial support of $830 Million from Ichigo. Driving off to the automobile industry, self-driving cars have been all the talk of late and Argo AI founders are questioning the ability of automobile AI ever drawing in profits. 

Business & Finance

On the international business scene, Aramco’s shares have reported a 10% debut jump. China’s equivalent of WeWork, Ucommune has filled out the necessary paperwork for US IPO. The USMCA Trade Deal texts have indicated stricter laws and Mexican businesses are exploring how this may affect their operations. Closer to home, British online supermarket Ocado spots a drop in this last quarter despite growth in weekly orders, being held back by flat order size. Online shopping to online food- Amazon’s Deliveroo deal has raised “serious competition concerns” for consumers. Onto money matters- the Swiss National Bank shrugs off criticism on its negative interest rates. The Franc to the dollar; the dollar is currently nursing a steep loss– the worst in weeks. 

World News

In news from around the world, the Trump Impeachment is in many discussions and debates amongst US lawmakers. The US has been in talks with North Korea to give up missions on the nuclear and missile fronts and warns against provocations. Trump is also to meet with top trade advisers today to discuss Dec. 15’s tariffs on some $160 billion in Chinese goods. 

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Stay tuned for our daily roundup tomorrow! 

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