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Thumbay Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Hospital Initiates FIFA Medical Center of Excellence Accreditation Process

Dubai: Thumbay Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital (TPTRH), the biggest state-of-the-art rehabilitation hospital in the Middle East region located at Thumbay Medicity, has become the only hospital of its kind in Ajman to initiate the process of FIFA Medical Center of Excellence Accreditation. A MOU was signed between TPTRH and FMCE-Algiers represented respectively by Mr. Akbar Moideen Thumbay – Vice President of Thumbay Group’s Healthcare Division and Dr. Yacine Zerguini – Medical Director and Owner of FMCE Algiers – a fully accredited FIFA Medical Center of Excellence. The agreement was signed in the presence of Dr. Thumbay Moideen, the Founder President of Thumbay Group & Mr. Riccardo Aggujaro, Senior Manager of TPTRH, Thumbay Group.

TPTRH will have a new and unique department – Football Medicine – offering specialized services in trauma, rehab, cardiology, biology, imaging, education and research. The Football Medicine Department will also have a Second Opinion Clinic, as well as advanced Rehabilitation and ‘Return to Play’ programs, in addition to facilities for Pre-Competition Medical Assessment (PCMA) for athletes and referees.

As part of the agreement, the central facility of Thumbay Labs – the largest network of CAP-accredited diagnostic labs in the region – will apply to function as a Biological Passport Lab for Athlete Biological Passport (ABP), fully-equipped to perform tests such as dope detection, according to international standards.  Dr. Yacine said, “We are very proud to associate with TPTRH and to collaborate and establish the first high level football department in Ajman. The opportunity to have in the same place a fantastic general hospital and outstanding rehabilitation facilities and a medical university is unique in all Middle East.”

TPTRH is also an Academic Health Center of the Gulf Medical University Academic Health System, and provides clinical training to the students of Physical Therapy at Gulf Medical University’s College of Health Sciences. The agreement will introduce Diploma programs with extensive practical modules, as well as a program in ‘Football Emergency Care’, to produce sports stadium medical officers. These programs are expected to attract physical therapists seeking career opportunities as sports medical officers, especially in the field of football.

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