Those who flout COVID curbs will face fine of up to 10,000 pounds: PM
October 24, 2020

Those who flout coronavirus curbs in England will face fine of up to 10,000 pounds: PM

LONDON (UK) – People in England who violate new regulations that require them to remain in self-isolation if they come into contact with someone infected with the coronavirus will be slapped with a penalty of up to 10,000 pounds ($12,914), said Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday.

The new rules will be applicable from Sept. 28 to any resident of England who tests positive for the virus or is notified by public health workers that they have been in contact with an infected person.

“People who choose to ignore the rules will face significant fines,” the prime minister said in a statement.

For a first offence, the penalty will be 1,000 pounds and it goes up to 10,000 pounds for repeat offenders as well as employers who threaten to fire their employees who choose to go into self-isolation rather than report for work in office.

The government has announced that low-income workers who are deprived of their source of sustenance will receive a 500-pound support payment apart from other benefits such as sick pay.

Latest government guidelines stipulate that people should remain at home for at least 10 days if they manifest COVID-19 symptoms and others in their family should not leave the house for two weeks.

Those who test positive should also divulge details of people outside their household who they have been in close contact with.

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