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October 19, 2021

The UK Elections- Will Boris Sustain?

Winter is coming. The UK Election campaigns are in full swing and people are all set to head out to the polls on the 12th of December to cast their vote. The competition is head-to-head and the two most likely candidates seem to be Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. Other parties are definitely in the picture too. So the question remains: Will Boris Sustain?

Brexit: Deal or No Deal?
With controversy looming over as head at every turn of this election campaign, Boris Johnson future seems a little uncertain. His first big speech as part of the campaign promised to boost regional industry and lead a clean energy revolution soon after the UK leaves the EU. Boris envisions a future Tory government doubling investments in high-tech research and development. Opposition parties expressed their opinion that Johnson’s plan could only result in bad outcomes and the Brexit deal that he has proposed appears flawed. 

The delay in the Brexit Deal which took place on October 31st may cost Johnson this election. He still stands his ground saying that he shall ‘absolutely guarantee’ that his government do not intend on extending the Brexit transition before the end of the year. The delay on the deal might result in Boris having to hand over the house keys of 10, Downing Street to a man who he believes possesses ‘vindictiveness not seen since Stalin persecuted the Kulaks’. Amidst the decision of whether the choice is down to Conservative or Labour parties, the British electoral system now sees only two forks in the road at this juncture- the reigning return of the Torys or handing over the reins to his radical and completely different socialist rival. 

Will Labour (& Their Free Broadband) Win? 
British opposition Labour party has, not so long ago, with their announcement struck the right chord with the British people. They have identified a gap in the UK full-fibre broadband and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn believes that it’s time to make the fastest free-for-everyone full-fibre broadband a reality. Using British Broadband as a public service, he envisions the UK transforming- people’s monthly bills reduce, the economy gets boosted and there will be an apparent improvement in the quality of life. 

Johnson vs Corbyn
Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn come from two parties of very disparate political traditions. Over the course of the next few days, as the campaign has started to gather momentum since both parties intend to share their positive vision for Britain’s future and are looking for the platform and opportunity to elaborate their radical plans to the voters. 

The upcoming seven-way podium debate between all the parties, happening live from Cardiff, will be hosted by BBC on the 29th of November- let’s hope the voters will be able to finalise their choice by then. 

It’s all just a matter of time now. 

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