The 28-year-old Monégasque motorsport entrepreneur- Ludovic Pezé
August 10, 2020

The 28-year-old Motorsport Entrepreneur – Ludovic Pezé

At 28-years-of-age, Ludovic Pezé has a long list of achievements to ramble on about. But at first glance, he seems quite shy, with a discreet smile plastered across his face and oozing impeccable class. He’s a well-known personality in the motorsport world- across Europe and Africa.

He is the Founder and Director of MFT Global Solutions Ltd. 

Origin Story 
Ludovic Pezé was born to a Mauritian mother and a French father in the Principality of Monaco. He has been raised in a multi-origin background but he truly identifies with his Mauritian roots. Pezé graduated with an accounting management degree in Monaco before making the shift to the world of digital marketing. The roots of his career did not reveal an inkling of his bright future ahead in motorsports. 
The Formula for Formula 1

As a teenager, Pezé showed an interest in Formula 1- the epic racing battles, glitterati and travel piqued his interest. His father, a karting mechanic by profession, introduced him to the world of international circuits. The Monaco Grand Prix courted not far from home and Pezé was allured! Formula 3, an antechamber of the Formula 1, also held his interest, making him a true motorsport enthusiast. During these years, he acquired as much knowledge as he could on the field and surrounded himself with peers who shared his passion. In spite of these lofty dreams and interests, Pezé’s studies remained to be his first priority. Until, one day, an unforeseen event changed the course of his life… 
Pezé fell severely ill and was diagnosed with meningitis putting him in a coma for several days. He was forced to remain under bed rest for almost a year, which affected his memory and physical abilities direly. It took him a year of rehabilitation to get back to a normal life. 
But he remained positive and looked for the light at the end of the tunnel. He decided to look at this as a second chance and decided to make the most of it- finally making the switch into the world of motorsport. 
Pezé’s Second Chance
He made the most of his second chance at life and a shot at his passion of motorsport. Pezé made contacts, expanding his address book and proving his abilities in an environment of professionals twice his age.  
He now dons the triple cap and plays the single-handedly maintains a profile of being a motorsport consultant, driver agent and a business manager. 
At present, Pezé represents and advises several drivers from Formula E, Formula 2, Formula 3, Prototype and Karting across France, Monaco, South Africa and Kenyan motorsport circles. 

Motorsport superstars- France’s Andrea Pizzitola and Monaco’s Fabrice Pantani accompany Pezé on a daily basis. In addition to them, Germany’s Pascal Wehrlein also features in his address book. 
In preparation for the competitions, Pezé coordinates getting his drivers around, securing the best of accommodation, sponsors and cars. He prepares them, albeit discreetly, to deliver their best performance. 
Work-Life Balance 
Managing a company, so many trips and dealing with the competition along with maintaining a private life is definitely not easy. Pezé attributes his ability to plan and organise along with his great analytical ability to manage partners, drivers, mechanics and factors to how he handles it all. 
In his free time, he enjoys sports, travel and history- especially those which deal with pirates!

Pezé also volunteers with the association Will Fly in Mauritius. He says he likes lending a helping hand to people, speaking to children and is driven towards making education more accessible. 

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