Thailand tests nearly 600 people exposed to the recent coronavirus case
January 19, 2022

Thailand tests nearly 600 people who had exposure to the recent coronavirus case

BANGKOK (THAILAND) – Thailand said on Wednesday it had tested nearly 600 people potentially exposed to its first domestic coronavirus case in more than three months. However. it has so far found no new infections.

The Public Health Ministry said individuals suspected to be at risk across 12 venues which includes the court where he made an appearance, nightclubs and supermarkets were traced down. It confirmed that 569 tests were administered.

While all tests were found to be negative, 32 individuals were awaiting results. Authorities have asked 400 other individuals found to have low-risk to self-quarantine for 14 days.

It has been a mystery regarding how the man became got infected with all of Thailand’s recent cases being people returning from abroad.

Thailand has recorded a total of 3,447 confirmed infections, 58 fatalities and has eased off internal restrictions.

The coming back of the virus in Thailand has had an impact on its economy, further suspending a plan from October 1 to start allowing the return of foreign tourists.

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