Tea Zone in Dubai begins testing drone delivery - British Herald
January 28, 2022

Tea Zone in Dubai begins testing drone delivery

DUBAI (UAE): Tea has become one of the most beloved beverages all around the globe. It has the power to bring people together. Mohammad Rahfath Filli, CEO of Tea Zone, announced today their plan to begin testing tea delivery using drones, and its teaser video was also released.
Rahfath said drone deliveries look especially attractive during a pandemic when many customers and businesses are keen to avoid in-person interactions.
Tea Zone is exploring the next best technology and how it can benefit its customers now and in the future. Tea Zone is a success story crafted by Rahfath, whose hunger for success motivates him to focus on fast-paced growth each year. Since its inception in 1991, Tea Zone has set new benchmarks in bringing impeccable blends of tea that delight visitors and satisfy their craving for the beverage.

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