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April 21, 2021
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Tapping into the live-streaming industry to revive economy

HONG KONG – As part of its response to the initiative of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government to revive the local economy, ‘Hong Kong Quality Brands – Embarking a Journey to Success’ launched its visionary programmes through a press conference live-broadcasted on January 18. Their mission is to establish a social commerce platform, facilitating Hong Kong enterprises and brands to tap into the trend of ‘new retail’. To achieve this goal, new technologies including ‘omnichannel marketing’, ‘5G technology’, ‘big data marketing’, which are crucial in the China market, will be effectively made use of.

The main objective of ‘Hong Kong Brands – Embarking a Journey to Success’is to promote and boost‘new retail’ economic development in the Greater Bay Area. While it aims to have a new revenue model of social commerce, it will also work towards roping in quality products from Hong Kong and overseas markets to Mainland consumers.

It intends to stimulate employment in both Hong Kong and the Mainland through professional talent training courses and incubation programmes supported by all parties, thereby enriching the younger generation to become qualified influencers.

The venture will also encourage intercultural exchanges in the Greater Bay Area through tailor-made programmes conducted between Hong Kong celebrities and corporate brands to further bolster cooperation and communication.

Project initiator Nicholas Huang addressing the media

Project initiator Nicholas Huang addressed the media saying, “Hong Kong Quality Brands | Embarking a Journey to Success would focus on pushing intercultural exchanges between Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland. Different types of events will be organised in 2021, such as Hong Kong and Mainland live-streaming e-commerce, the Hong Kong and Mainland youth exchange, the art exchange and so on.”

The new initiative with its focus on the ‘new retail’ concept has had a warm reception and have various market leaders such as China Broadcasting and Television Media, Bonjour Holdings Limited, the Hong Kong Commercial & Industry Associations, Shenzhen Media Group, Shenzhen Duty Free Group, Upper Club Limited, Guang Hong Kong Commercial & Industry Associations, Shenzhen Media Group, Shenzhen Duty Free Group, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao-Bay Area Economic and Trade Association, Hong Kong Cyberport, Hong Kong Institute of Marketing, The Hong Kong Federation of Commerce for Small and Medium Enterprises, Global Economic Cooperative Alliance, MBeaute, X Social Group, Prince Jewellery & Watch, Memorigin, Chi Fung International Holding, Herbs Generation and Tsui Wah Holding and Institute of Change (IOC), will be extending all their support for the same. With such concerted efforts forged through strong partnership and channelised through the interactive social commerce platform, businesses are bound to prosper. They are hopeful that with this, the economy will soon be on its way to a speedy revival.

Dr Brian Chan speaking to the media

Dr Brian Chan has highlighted that the Institute of Change (IOC) will launch new interactive award-bearing training courses and will offer official certificates that guarantee shaping the proficient influencers and budding influencers.

An array of activities was planned and a few of them were successfully conducted shortly before the press conference announcing the launch. The platform convener Samuel Lam has charted out more than a hundred live-broadcasting programmes this year. The event kicked off with an interview of the brand owner and founder of the renowned watch group Memorigin William Shum, who spoke about the establishment of his brand and also revisited his success story. Award-winning magician John Fung, who designed one of the renowned watch series, performed tricks, as he introduced his own design.

Samuel Lam giving a speech through a recorded video

As long as moulding the young talents from both China and Hong Kong to become qualified professional influencers in the thriving live-streaming industry is concerned, the China Broadcasting and Television Media, Shenzhen Duty Free Group, MBeaute, and the Shenzhen Media Group will generously pitch in their support, with their resources. The platform will be on a pursuit to become one of the key drivers of ‘new retail’ economy in the Greater Bay Area. Further, the Deputy Conveners Dr Brian Chan and Nicholas Huang also highlighted the courses likely to be introduced by the Institute of Change (IOC) for training the influencers and budding influencers.

Nicholas Huang with China Broadcasting and Television Media
Nicholas Huang and Steven Zhu, China Chief Representative of British Herald, media partner of Hong Kong Quality Brands | Embarking a Journey to Success
Nicholas Huang and Dr Brian Chan

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