Taiwan and Biden team are having 'good interactions'
January 16, 2021

Taiwan and Biden team are having ‘good interactions’

TAIPEI (TAIWAN) – Taiwan has been having “good interactions” with US President-elect Joe Biden’s team, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday. It is trying to strengthen ties with the incoming administration after getting strong support from President Donald Trump’s government.

Taiwan had the privilege of enjoying unprecedented support from Republican Trump’s administration, including stepped-up arms sales and visits by top officials to Taipei.

The election of Biden, a Democrat, has caused some uneasiness in Taiwan, However, Taiwan has sought to emphasise on its confidence in ties, noting bipartisan support for the island in Washington.

Taiwan foreign ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou said the island had good contacts with both the Democratic and Republican parties.

“The foreign ministry and our representative office in the United States have continued to maintain smooth communication and have good interactions with the Biden team via various appropriate means,” she said.

“At the same time, we have also conveyed Taiwan’s sincere gratitude to the current Trump administration. The current Taiwan-US relationship is at its best in history. We sincerely thank you.”

Ou added that Taiwan will continue to play the role of a close and reliable partner to the US, whether it is regarding regional or global issues.

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