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September 28, 2020
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Factbox: How the UK’s election works

LONDON- How the United Kingdom’s election on Dec. 12 works and when the results will be known. WHAT ARE PEOPLE VOTING FOR? – The country is divided into 650 constituencies. – Each constituency equates to one seat in parliament’s House of Commons. There are: 533 in England 59 in Scotland 40 in Wales 18 in […]

Failure to unite blunts anti-Brexit threat in UK election

CANTERBURY, England- Caroline Hegey and Emma Kelland both want to stop Brexit but will back different parties in the medieval city of Canterbury when they vote in Britain’s election next week. Hegey, a 64-year-old health service administrator, will back the left-wing Labour Party, which wants a second referendum on Britain’s departure from the European Union.

Conservatives raised more than Labour in third quarter of 2019

LONDON- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party raised 5.8 million pounds from donations and public funds in the third quarter of this year, just beating the opposition Labour Party which raised 5.5 million pounds, official figures showed on Tuesday. Britain’s electoral watchdog, the Electoral Commission, said the Brexit Party came third,