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November 24, 2020
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UK reports 18,662 new COVID-19 cases, 398 deaths

LONDON (UK) – The United Kingdom recorded 18,662 new coronavirus infections on Sunday and 398 deaths within 28 days of a positive test for the virus, according to official data. The number of deaths included 141 that were omitted from the total on Saturday due to a processing error, the government said. Saturday’s data had […]

English doctors prepare COVID vaccine roll-out

LONDON (UK) – English doctors are grappling with the prospect of seven-day service, -75 degree Celsius freezers and vaccines known as “Talent” and “Courageous” as they prepare for an unprecedented logistical challenge: the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccinations. Health minister Matt Hancock has set a target for England’s National Health

UK shopper numbers plummet, amid lockdown

LONDON (UK) – Market researcher Springboard said on Monday that total shopper numbers across British retail destinations plunged to 57.7% in the week to Nov. 14 year-on-year. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland enforced new COVID-19 health restrictions last month. People have also been encouraged to work from home if possible after lockdown was implemented.

EU officials say Europe “must grit our teeth”, amid COVID

PARIS/BERLIN (FRANCE/GERMANY) – European officials warned against COVID-19 complacency on Thursday and said measures to control a surge in infections as winter approaches must remain in force despite hopes that new vaccines can bring the pandemic under control. This week’s announcement by Pfizer Inc of a potentially effective vaccine spurred optimism that an