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November 29, 2021
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Myanmar enforces ban on satellite TV as security threat

NAYPYIDAW (MYANMAR) -Myanmar’s junta-controlled media enforced a ban on satellite television receivers on Tuesday. It said that outside broadcasts posed a threat to national security. It also threatened to jail anyone caught violating the measure. With mobile internet access largely cut off in a bid to quell anti-junta protests since the February 1 coup, Myanmar […]

Myanmar security forces kill seven protesters

NAYPYIDAW (MYANMAR) – Myanmar troops aimed fire at anti-coup protesters on Wednesday. At least five people were killed and wounding several, media said. Activists continued to defy a bloody crackdown and internet blockade by the ruling junta. More than 580 people have been killed, according to an activist group, in the turmoil in Myanmar since […]

Myanmar protesters defy bloody army crackdown

NAYPYIDAW (MYANMAR) – Opponents of Myanmar’s military junta sprayed red paint on roads in the country’s biggest city on Tuesday. This action was to mark the deaths of hundreds of “martyrs” killed by troops, as the crisis dragged on with no clear diplomatic solution in sight. Some 570 people have been killed during nearly two […]