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July 11, 2020
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Cybersecurity experts unite to fight coronavirus-related hacking

SAN FRANCISCO (Technology) – An international group of nearly 400 volunteers with expertise in cybersecurity formed on Wednesday to fight hacking related to the novel coronavirus. Called the COVID-19 CTI League, for cyber threat intelligence, the group spans more than 40 countries and includes professionals in senior positions at such major companies as Microsoft

U.S. tech firms collaborate to combat virus misinformation

 U.S. technology companies like Microsoft Corp, Facebook, Alphabet’s Google and Twitter, are collaborating to quell coronavirus misinformation on their platforms according to a joint statement from the companies on Monday. The companies also include LinkedIn, Reddit and YouTube. They were working along with government healthcare agencies worldwide to share critical

Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft board

Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates, who made the company one of the world’s most valuable technology firms, stepped down from the board on Friday to focus on philanthropic works related to global health, education and climate change. The billionaire and his wife Melinda run one of the world’s largest charities, the Gates Foundation, which has […]