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September 19, 2021
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New Congress faces tricky course

WASHINGTON (US) – When the new Congress assumes office on Sunday, it will have to face several uncertainties with the Senate control yet to be decided, a slimmer Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and Republicans mulling a fight over the election certification. Democrats lost 11 House of Representatives seats in the November elections, […]

Social media was inundated with Spanish-language misinformation in run-up to US election: Researchers

WASHINGTON (US) – Spanish-language misinformation flourished online in the days surrounding the US election, even as social media companies moved to stem falsehoods that could affect the vote or spark violence. Spanish-language social media posts from online celebrities, radio commentators and others have repeatedly questioned the reliability of mail-in voting and

Pelosi says no to Trump COVID-19 aid offer

WASHINGTON (US) – US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected President Donald Trump’s latest offer on COVID-19 stimulus on Tuesday. In a letter to colleagues, Pelosi said, “Tragically, the Trump proposal falls significantly short of what this pandemic and deep recession demand,” Pelosi said. She also described the offer made last week by Treasury

US Democrats oppose postal cuts tooth and nail, Pelosi summons lawmakers back to Washington

WASHINGTON (US) – Democratic lawmakers in the US ramped up pressure against a cost-cutting drive by the President Donald Trump-appointed Postal Service chief on Sunday. This comes amid fears that it will hold up mail-in ballots during the presidential poll. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called lawmakers back and several states are contemplating legal measures. Key […]