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Pope Francis: People more important than the economy

VATICAN CITY (Europe) – Pope Francis said on Sunday that people are more important than the economy, as countries decide how quickly to reopen their countries from coronavirus lockdowns. Francis made his comments, departing from a prepared script, at the first noon address from his window overlooking St. Peter’s Square in three months as Italy’s […]

Lockdown in Spain to be extended up to 21st June

BARCELONA (Europe) – Spain’s prime minister said on Sunday he will ask parliament to agree to a last two-week extension of the state of emergency lockdown until 21st June, after which the government will no longer restrict citizens’ movements, newspaper El Pais reported. Pedro Sanchez told regional government leaders during a video-conference meeting that

Modi urges Indians to remain alert as coronavirus lockdown eases

NEW DELHI (India) – India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned the country on Sunday to remain vigilant against the spread of coronavirus as the country prepares a phased re-opening of activities even as daily cases rise to record highs. India, with the world’s longest lockdown, is set to largely lift containment measures in June, except […]

Raab: UK taking ‘right steps’ to ease virus lockdown

LONDON (UK) – On Sunday, British foreign minister Dominic Raab announced that the “careful” easing of the coronavirus lockdown is the “right step” to take at the moment. This comes amid mounting criticism for moving too quickly in allowing people a little more freedom in social contact. “We are confident that this is the right […]

Sturgeon: Scotland’s lockdown easing must be very cautious

LONDON (Europe) – Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon announced her agreement with scientists regarding coronavirus lockdown easing saying that the ease must be very cautious after some of those advising government said Britain was moving too quickly. Sturgeon, when questioned if she believed that politicians no longer followed scientific advice, said,