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November 27, 2021

T20 World Cup jerseys revealed so far

With the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 just around the corner, teams have started revealing their jerseys. See the kits that have been released so far.


Starting in the First Round of the tournament, Bangladesh have unveiled two kits for the tournament.

One of Bangladesh's T20 World Cup jerseys


Playing at their first ICC World Cup since 2003, Namibia will catch plenty of eyes in their sharp jerseys. Predominantly dark blue, with light blue hexagons on the right shoulder and above the left hip, Namibia’s kit also features red accents.

Namibia's T20 World Cup jersey


The Netherlands will be looking smart in their traditional orange with a splash of blue across the chest.

Netherlands' T20 World Cup jersey


Embracing the colours of their flag, the co-hosts have a predominantly deep red kit with green streaks and a white collar. 

Oman's T20 World Cup jersey.


Papua New Guinea will catch plenty of eyes in their sunset orange and black kits.

Papua New Guinea's T20 World Cup jersey


There will be no missing Scotland at the T20 World Cup, with Kyle Coetzer’s team donning a predominantly bright purple kit with helmets to match.

Scotland jersey


The Sri Lankans have revealed two kits for the tournament: a yellow and blue number with a lion along the right side and a kit of the same design in different shades of blue. 

One of Sri Lanka's T20 World Cup kits.


Ireland’s kit will be a combination of green and blue at this year’s T20 World Cup.

Ireland's T20 World Cup kit.


South Africa have released a predominantly yellow strip, alongside an alternate green option for this year’s tournament.

One of South Africa's T20 World Cup kits.
One of South Africa's T20 World Cup kits.

(Source and courtesy: https://www.t20worldcup.com/)

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